Sleaford Striders Branded Kit

We have a wide range of Striders branded kit available. Click on the images below or visit the club shop at to purchase.

Christmas 2017

Product Description & Price
Sleaford Striders Bobble Hat


Sleaford Striders Scarf


Sleaford Striders Mini Messenger Bag



Adult Kit

Product Description & Price
Burgundy Tee Sleaford Striders Cool T

from £9.49

Burgundy Polo Sleaford Striders Polo Shirt

from £12.50

Burgundy Polo Sleaford Striders Women’s Polo Shirt

from £12.50

Burgundy Polo Sleaford Striders Polo

from £19.45

Sleaford Striders Women’s Polo Sleaford Striders Varsity Hoodie Sleaford Striders Varsity Zoodie Sleaford Striders Half Zip Training Top
Striders Womens Polo Varsity Hoodie Zoodie Half Zip Training Top
From: £19.45 From: £19.45 From: £24.50 From: £25.99
Sleaford Striders Waterproof Shell Jacket Sleaford Striders Softshell Jacket Sleaford Striders Lightweight Jacket Sleaford Striders Women’s Tracksuit Bottoms
From: £35.00 From: £39.50 From: £14.99 From: £24.99
Sleaford Striders Sweatpants Sleaford Striders Women’s Jogpants Sleaford Striders Training Bottoms Sleaford Striders Base Layer Leggings
From: £20.99 From: £18.50 From: £24.99 From: £24.99
Sleaford Striders Base Layer Sleaford Striders Men’s Running Shorts Sleaford Striders Women’s Shorts Sleaford Striders Cap
From: £22.50 From: £17.99 From: £24.99 From: £6.50
Sleaford Striders Beanie Sleaford Striders Slouch Beanie Sleaford Striders Shoe Bag Sleaford Striders Backpack
From: £6.50 From: £6.50 From: £9.99 From: £25.00
Sleaford Striders Active Run Safety Vest Sleaford Striders Spiro Bikewear
Crosswear Gilet
Sleaford Striders Women’s All Purpose
Lined Shorts
Sleaford Striders Start Line Track Short
From: £36.00 From: £25.50 From: £13.50 From: £13.50

Junior Kit

Sleaford Striders Junior Polo Sleaford Striders Junior Cool T Sleaford Striders Junior Training Bottoms Sleaford Striders Junior Hoodie
Striders Polo
From: £16.21 From: £7.91 From: £18.90 From: £16.21
Sleaford Striders Junior Hooded Sweatshirt Sleaford Striders Junior Base Layer Sleaford Striders Junior Base Layer Shorts  
From: £16.21 From: £18.40 From: £17.00